We only keep the Motorola firmware for 5 years (Calculated from the date of device release), then move them to this (_obsoleted_) directory.

Don't ask us about too old firmware, we don't have enough disk space to save them! Hope you can get more luck on the internet.

Please check the website below if we haven't deleted it yet:

The models released in 2015 are:

The models released in 2016 are:

Device release year between 2009-2014 please goto this website: mirrors-obs-1.lolinet.com

Device release year between 2015-2016 please goto this website: mirrors-obs-2.lolinet.com

If you want help me save these obsoleted devices firmware for free, please contact us in the Telegram. The minimum requirements are: Delicated server (Cannot be a VPS or Cloud Server), Greater than 500M International bandwidth, No less than 10TB/mo data trasfer quota (Ulimted data transfer is more better).

Our Telegram Group: https://t.me/lolinet. Please speak English.