Moto™ or Motorola™ uses the product code to identify the model. You can generally use the fastboot command to get the product code.

fastboot command:

fastboot getvar product

Moto™ Product code reference list

Some old models may not be listed, please forgive me.

This list is sorted by factory time.

Code Product Model Release Date Support Status
chef_retcn Moto P30 Note XT1942-1(China,DS,4+64GB/6+64GB) 2018/09 Normal update
robusta Moto P30 XT1943-1(China, DS, 6+64GB/6+128GB) 2018/09 Normal update
deen_retcn Moto P30 Play XT1941-2(China, DS, 6+64GB/6+128GB) 2018/09 Normal update
messi_retcn Moto Z3 XT1929-15(China, DS, 6+128GB) 2018/09 Normal update
messi Moto Z3 XT1929-17(USA, Verizon, SS, 4+64GB) 2018/09 Normal update
ahannah Moto E5 Plus XT1924-9(China, DS, 3+32GB/4+64GB) 2018/09 Normal update
chef Moto One Power XT1942-2(APAC/RETIN, DS, 4+64GB) 2018/09 Normal update
deen Moto One XT1941-1(APAC/VFEU, SS, 4+64GB) XT1941-2(CHINA, DS, 4+64GB) XT1941-3(LATAM/RETLA/RETBR/RETUS/TEFBR, DS, 4+64GB) XT1941-4(APAC/RETEU/RETGB, DS, 4+64GB) XT1941-5(LATAM/ATTMX/TEFMX/RETAR/RETMX/RETCL, SS, 4+64GB) 2018/09 Normal update
beckham Moto Z3 Play XT1929-4(Canada, SS, 4+32GB) XT1929-3(NA/Sprint, SS, 4+32GB) XT1929-4(NA/AMZ/BWACA/RETCA/RETUS/USC, SS, 4+64GB) XT1929-5(BRAZIL/RETBR/TIMBR/TEFBR, DS, 4+64GB / 6+128GB) XT1929-6(LATAM/AMXLA/NIIPE/ATTMX//TEFCL/TEFPE/RETLA/RETAR/RETMX/RETCL/AMXMX, DS, 4+64GB) XT1929-6(LATAM/RETLA/TEFCO/TIGCO, DS, 6+128GB) XT1929-8(EMEA_APAC/RETEU/DTEU, DS, 4+32GB / 4+64GB) 2018/06 Normal update
evert Moto G6 Plus XT1926-2(EMEA/RETEU/RETGB, SS, 4+64GB) XT1926-3(EMEA/RETEU/RETGB, DS, 4+64GB) XT1926-5(APAC/RETAPAC, DS, 4+64GB/6+64GB) XT1926-6(LATAM/AMXMX/AMXLA/AMXCL/AMXCO/AMXPE/ENTCL/ATTMX/TEFCL/WOMCL/RETLA/SELFPERSO/RETAR/RETMX, SS, 4+64GB) XT1926-7(LATAM/TEFCO/TEFMX/RETLA/TIGCO, DS, 4+64GB) XT1926-8(Brazil,DS,TV,4+64GB) XT1926-9(India,DS,4+64GB/6+64GB) XT1926-10(China/CTCN, 6+64GB, Cut Out) XT1926-11(China,6+64GB,Cut Out) 2018/04 Normal update
ali Moto G6 XT1925-1(LATAM/NIIPE/TEFPE/SELFPERSO/RETLA/RETAR/RETMX/RETCL, SS, 3+32GB) XT1925-2(LATAM/TEFCO/RETLA/TIGCO, DS, 3+32GB) XT1925-3(Brazil/AMXBR/RETBR/TIMBR/TEFBR, DS, 3+32GB) XT1925-4(EMEA/ORAEU/RETEU/RETGB/DTEU/VFEU, SS, 3+32GB) XT1925-5(EMEA/BOUYFR/PLUSPL/RETEU/RETGB/DTEU/TELEU, DS, 3+32GB / 4+64GB) XT1925-6(NA/AMZ/FI/RETUS, SS, 3+32GB) XT1925-6(BRAZIL/AMXBR, SS, 3+32GB) XT1925-7(APAC, DS, 3+32GB) XT1925-10(China/CTCN, DS, 3+32GB) XT1925-12(Verizon,SS,3+32GB) XT1925-13(India, DS, 3+32GB/4+32GB) 2018/04 Normal update
aljeter Moto G6 Play XT1922-1(APAC, DS, 3+32GB) XT1922-2(EMEA/EEGB/O2GB/ORAEU/RETGB/TIMIT/TESCOGB/WINDIT, SS, 3+32GB) XT1922-3(EMEA/RETEU/PLAYPL/RETGB/TELEU/VIPEU, DS, 3+32GB) XT1922-4(LATAM/Chile/Colombia/Mexico/Argentina, SS, 3+32GB) XT1922-5(LATAM/TEFMX/Brazil/TIMBR/TEFBR, DS, 3+32GB) XT1922-10(India, DS, 3+32GB) 2018/04 Normal update
jeter Moto G6 Play XT1922-6(Verizon, SS, 2+16GB) XT1922-7(Sprint,SS,2+16GB) XT1922-9(Amazon/AT&T/ACG/BWACA/Cricket/LRA/RETCA/RETUS/USC/WNDCA, SS, 2+16GB) 2018/04 Normal update
rhannah Moto E5 Plus XT1924-1(Europe/Poland, DS, 2+32GB) XT1924-1(Europe, DS, 2+16GB) XT1924-2(Europe/Great Britain, SS, 2+16GB) XT1924-4(LATAM/Colombia/Brazil, DS, 2+16GB) XT1924-5(LATAM/Mexico/Peru/Argentina, SS, 2+16GB) 2018/04 Normal update
hannah Moto E5 Plus XT1924-6(COMCUSTAWS/CRICKET, SS, 2+16GB) XT1924-7(TMO/MPCS, SS, 2+16GB) XT1924-8(SPRINT, SS, 2+16GB) 2018/04 Normal update
nora Moto E5 XT1944-1(EMEA/ORA/GB/VFEU, SS, 2+16GB) XT1944-2(EMEA, DS, 2+16GB) XT1944-3(LATAM/Mexico/Chile/Colombia/Peru/Puerto Rico/TEFCL/WOMCL/Argentina, SS, 2+16GB) XT1944-4(LATAM/Mexico/Brazil, DS, 2+16GB) XT1944-5(India, DS, 2+16GB) XT1944-6(APAC, DS, 2+16GB) 2018/04 Normal update
james Moto E5 Play XT1921-2(Cricket,SS,2+16GB) XT1921-5(Sprint,SS,2+16GB) 2018/04 Normal update
rjames Moto E5 Play XT1921-1(North America,SS,2+16GB) XT1921-6(Verizon,SS,2+16GB) 2018/04 Normal update
pettyl Moto E5 Play XT1920-15(EMEA, SS, 2+16GB) XT1920-16(EMEA/APAC, DS, 2+16GB) XT1920-18(LATAM, SS, 2+16GB) XT1920-19(LATAM, DS, 2+16GB) 2018/06 Normal update
nash_retcn Moto Z 2018 XT1789-05(China) 2017/09 Normal update
payton Moto X4 XT1900-1(North America) XT1900-2(Asia) XT1900-3(Europe/MiddleEast/Asia) XT1900-4(LATAM) XT1900-5 XT1900-6(LATAM) XT1900-7(Europe/MiddleEast/Asia) 2017/09 Normal update
sanders Moto G5S Plus XT1800(LATAM) XT1801(LATAM) XT1802(Brazil,DS,TV,3+32GB) XT1803(Europe,SS,3+32GB) XT1804(India) XT1805(Europe,DS,3+32GB) XT1806(North America,SS,3+32GB/4+64GB) 2017/08 Normal update
montana Moto G5S XT1790(LATAM,DS) XT1791(LATAM,DS) XT1792(Brazil,DS) XT1793(Europe,SS) XT1794(Europe/MiddleEast/Asia,DS) XT1795(India,DS) XT1797(Asia,DS) 2017/08 Normal update
owens Moto E4 Plus XT1774(Verizon, SS, QCOM) XT1775(NA/AMZ/COMCAST/USC/LRA/RETUS, SS, QCOM) XT1776(Sprint, SS, QCOM) 2017/08 Normal update
nash Moto Z² Force Edition XT1789-01(NA/Verizon) XT1789-02(U.S.Celluar) XT1789-03(Sprint) XT1789-04(AT&T/T-Mobile/International) XT1789-06(Europe/Hong Kong/International) 2017/07 Normal update
sperry Moto E4 XT1766(Sprint, SS, QCOM) 2017/06 Normal update
perry Moto E4 XT1765(MetroPCS, SS, QCOM) XT1767(USA/Verizon, SS, QCOM) XT1768(USA/AMZ/ACG/RETCA/RETUS/USC, SS, QCOM) 2017/06 Normal update
albus_retcn Moto Z² Play XT1710-08(ChinaTelecom,DS) XT1710-11(ChinaMobile,DS) 2017/06 Normal update
albus Moto Z² Play XT1710-01(USA,SS) XT1710-02(Verzion,SS) XT1710-07(Brazil,DS) XT1710-09(APAC,DS) XT1710-10(India,DS) 2017/06 Normal update
panell Moto C Plus XT1721(India/Indonesia,DS,MTK,2+16GB) XT1723(Europe,SS/DS,MTK,1+16GB) XT1723(South Africa / United Arab Emirates / Europe / Israel / Kenya / International,DS,MTK,2+16GB) XT1724(LATAM,DS,MTK,1+16GB) XT1725(LATAM / Argentina / Chile / Mexico / Peru,SS,MTK,1+16GB) XT1726(Brazil,DS,TV,MTK,1+8GB) 2017/06 Ended update
namath Moto C XT1754(Europe/United Arab Emirates,DS,MTK,4G,1+16GB) XT1755(India/Indonesia,DS,4G,MTK,1+16GB) XT1756(LATAM / Argentina / Chile / Mexico / Peru,DS,4G,MTK,1+8GB) XT1757(International,DS,4G,1+8GB) XT1758(Australia/New Zealand, DS, 4G, 1+16GB) 2017/06 Ended update
watson Moto C XT1750(Slovakia/Russia/Ukraine,DS,MTK,3G,1+8GB) 2017/06 Ended update
cedric Moto G5 XT1670(LATAM/Canada,SS) XT1671(LATAM,DS) XT1672(Brazil,DS) XT1675(MiddleEast) XT1676(Austrlia/Japan/Europe/NewZealand,DS) XT1677(Brazil,DS,3GB) 2016/09 Only security update
potter Moto G5 Plus XT1680(LATAM/Argentina/Chile,2GB) XT1681(LATAM/Colombia/Mexico,2GB) XT1683(Brazil,DS,DTV,2GB) XT1684(Europe,3GB) XT1685(Australia/Europe/NewZealand,3GB) XT1686(India,3/4GB) XT1687(USA,2GB/4GB) 2016/09 Only security update
taido Moto E 3rd Gen. XT1700(China/Europe/HongKong/International,SS) XT1706(HongKong/India/Vietnam,DS) 2016/09 Only security update
sheridan Moto Z / Moto Z Droid XT1650-01(Verzion,SS) XT1650-03(Canada / USA / Europe / Italy / Japan / Thailand / India / Brazil / LATAM / Colobia / Mexico,DS) XT1650-05(China,DS) 2016/09 Only security update
griffin Moto Z Force Droid XT1650-02(Verizon,SS) 2016/09 Only security update
addison Moto Z Play / Moto Z Play Droid XT1635-01(Verizon,SS) XT1635-02(Brazil,DS) XT1635-03(China,DS) 2016/09 Only security update
kungfu_m Moto M XT1662(China,HongKong,DS) XT1663(Europe/India/Turkey,DS) 2016/09 Only security update
harpia Moto G4 Play XT1600(Brazil,DS) XT1601(LATAM/Mexico,DS) XT1602(Australia/Europe/India,DS) XT1603(Brazil,DS,DTV) XT1604(Europe,SS,NFC) XT1607(Canada/USA,SS) XT1609(Verizon,SS) 2016/06 Only security update
athene Moto G4 / Moto G4 Plus XT1620(Brazil,DS) XT1621(Mexico,DS) XT1622(Europe,SS) XT1625(USA/India,SS) XT1626(Brazil,DS,DTV) XT1640(Brazil,DS) XT1641(Canada/Mexico,SS) XT1642(Spain,SS) XT1644(USA/Europe/India,SS) 2016/06 Ended update
merlin Moto G Turbo Edition XT1556(Brazil) XT1557(India) 2015/11 Ended update
kinzie Moto MAXX 2nd Gen. / Droid Turbo 2nd Gen. / Moto X Force XT1580(LATAM / Brazil / Australia / Europe / India / Singapore / International,DS) XT1581(China,DS) XT1585(Verizon,SS) 2015/09 Ended update
lux_verizon Droid Maxx 2nd Gen. XT1565 2015/09 Ended update
lux Moto X Play XT1562 XT1563 2015/09 Ended update
clark_cn Moto X Style(CN RETAIL) XT1570 2015/09 Ended update
clark Moto X Style / Moto X Pure Edition XT1570 XT1572 XT1575 2015/09 Ended update
smelt Moto 360 2nd Gen. Moto360L Moto360S Moto Sport 2015/09 Ended update
osprey Moto G 3rd Gen. XT1540 XT1541 XT1542 XT1543 XT1544 XT1548 XT1550 2015/07 Ended update
surnia Moto E LTE 2nd Gen. XT1511 XT1524 XT1526 XT1527 XT1528 XT1529 2015/02 Ended update
otus Moto E 2nd Gen. XT1505 2015/02 Ended update
shamu_retcn Moto X Pro XT1115 2015/01 Ended update
victara_retcn Moto X 2nd Gen. XT1085 2015/01 Ended update
thea_retcn Moto G LTE 2nd Gen. XT1077 XT1079 2015/01 Ended update
thea Moto G LTE 2nd Gen. XT1072 XT1078 XT1079 2014/12 Ended update
quark Moto MAXX / Moto Turbo / Droid Turbo XT1225 XT1250 XT1254 2014/11 Ended update
shamu Nexus 6 XT1100/XT1103 2014/10 Ended update
metallica Moto 360 1st Gen. Moto360 2014/09 Ended update
victara Moto X 2nd Gen. XT1092 XT1093 XT1094 XT1095 XT1096 XT1097 XT1098 2014/09 Ended update
titan Moto G 2nd Gen. XT1063 XT1064 XT1068 XT1069 2014/09 Ended update
condor Moto E 1st Gen. XT1021 XT1022 XT1025 2014/03 Ended update
peregrine Moto G LTE 1st Gen. XT1039 XT1040 XT1042 XT1045 2014/03 Ended update
falcon Moto G 1st Gen. XT1028 XT1031 XT1032 XT1033 XT1034 XT939G XT1002 XT1003 XT1008 2013/09 Ended update
ghost Moto X 1st Gen. XT1049 XT1050 XT1052 XT1053 XT1055 XT1056 XT1058 XT1060 2013/09 Ended update
obake Droid Ultra XT1080 2013/09 Ended update
obake_maxx Droid Maxx XT1080M 2013/09 Ended update
obakem Droid Mini XT1030 2013/09 Ended update

How to flash

1. Choose and download your device's official firmware.

2. Extract to some folder.

3. Use mfastboot to flash it.